Final 2: Concert Review

Zac Brown Band // June 30, 2018 // 6:30 pm // SunTrust Park // Atlanta, Georgia


This summer my family and I went to the Zac Brown Band concert at SunTrust Park. My whole family loves this band so it was a fun family outing and a great way for us all to spend time together. The first thing that was special about this concert was its location. SunTrust Park is the home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team. I had never been to a concert in a baseball stadium and the outdoor seating made it a very cool experience. We were right behind home plate and had a straight view of the stage. Everyone had a chair to sit in, so it was nice we didn’t have to stand the whole time. I honestly think I appreciated the music more because I was relaxed and able to sit. This gave me the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the music and my environment instead of being tired and hot.



The first opening act was a band named Medicine for the People. I had never heard of them but I was pleasantly surprised. I normally don’t like being at concerts where I don’t know the songs because I like to sing along and know what’s going on. But I really did enjoy sitting and just listening to new music for the first time. One song that stood out to me was “I Mua.” It’s ultimately a love song and reflects a common theme discussed in class. The guitar part really stands out and gives the piece a faster rhythm. The melody has a pretty small range and notes never alter much from the base notes.


onerepublic.jpgThe next act was the popular band One Republic. They have been around for years and I remember listening to their songs when I was in middle school. They are considered a pop-rock band and are made up of five members: Ryan Tedder as vocalist, Zach Filkins and Drew Brown as the guitarists, Brent Kutzle as the bassist/cellist, and Eddie Fisher as the drummer. All the members of the band worked very well together and they were a cohesive group. They interacted and looked like they were having a great time, which makes it more fun to watch. Some of the songs they performed were “Apologize,” “Counting Stars,” and “Good Life.” They played so many songs that I didn’t even realize were theirs. One of my favorite songs was “Secrets.” Their songs tell stories and many people can find them relatable. The beginning starts off with a slower rhythm and then there is a crescendo at the chorus and the drums come in. The rock element of drums on the second and fourth beats is very evident. Their voices harmonize and everything flows together. At the end of their set, the lead singer did a solo piece of “Halo” which he had actually written for Beyonce. I never knew this so I thought it was very neat to learn that some musicians in bands end up writing songs for other artists.


mgid-ao-image-mtv-379267.jpgThen it was finally time for the main act. By the time they came on it was dark out and this allowed the stage lights to make a dramatic effect. Most of the members of the band grew up in Georgia, so they told the crowd it was extra special for them to be playing there. They gave so much energy into their performances and gave the audience a true show. They are a country band and you can definitely hear this in their music with their distinct dialects.

One song that stood out during the concert was “My Old Man.” For this song, the lead singer had his father and his children come up on stage. To see the inspiration for this song and his whole family was very special and you got a glimpse into his life. It’s considered a ballad with narrated text. Ballads are characteristic of both Blues and Country songs. It has a slower rhythm and a small range of notes. A simple guitar and fiddle are used and this gives it a very laid back tune with very little texture. It has a monophonic melody and the harmony is in consonance. The lyrics are so relatable and my mom even cried during this song.


The finale song was one of their most popular songs, “Chicken Fried.” This song is my favorite summer time song because it is so uplifting and fun to sing along with. It reminds me of a Western Swing type song where you would dance along with. The violinist was amazing had many solos that really stood out. There is some syncopation in the chorus where the rhythm takes an unexpected turn. It has a steady beat with a faster rhythm. Towards the end of the song, it becomes a lot slower and then comes the climax where it speeds up again. It builds anticipation and gives the song a great ending.

At concerts, I often don’t think the performers are as good as they are on their recordings. But Zac Brown Band was 100 times better live which made the concert that much better and it exceeded by expectations. It was also interesting to observe the crowd. It was filled with many families and young adults. It really shows the audience that they reach and who is listening to their music.IMG_1914.jpg


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